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The business was established in 1979 and staffed by a team of highly qualified and dedicated people. Over the years the company has accumulated a significant amount of intellectual capital and is widely accredited as one of the leading employee benefits consulting and administration organisations in South Africa.


Recognising the opportunity to add value to its own organisation, Imperial Holdings Ltd, the company's largest client, acquired an interest in the business during the latter half of 2006. This action, together with a capital restructuring and a rebranding of the organisation, saw the company's re-birth in 2007 as Cedar Employee Benefits and Consulting. As a subsidiary of one of the top 40 listed companies in South Africa, Cedar subscribes to the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance which would meet the most rigorous scrutiny.


Attitudinal research undertaken during 2006 by KLA, one of the leading independent market research companies in the country, indicated that our clients regard their relationship with us as being characterised by outstanding levels of service, professionalism, reliability, trust, responsiveness and integrity. The independent research showed that the company has a reputation for delivering workable solutions that satisfy clients' requirements and accommodate their budgetary constraints, whilst simultaneously reducing their need for direct involvement.


Similarly our independence in the medical field also enables us to provide unbiased, professional advice and support on healthcare matters. While there are many consultants who can give similar advice, it is the quality of the ongoing healthcare management services that makes the difference. We provide sensible service-orientated solutions to employers and employees to ensure that the needs of both parties are met. Cedar can provide you with the most cost-effective and appropriate healthcare solutions available. We assume responsibility for the day-to-day running of your medical scheme and provide a superior value-added service to both management and staff.


Our people are our most valuable asset. Each staff member is a specialist in their respective field and they add a dimension of professionalism, reliability and trust to our service offerings. Their independence of thought and objectivity has been a pivotal part of our strategy, ensuring our success in the market place. Their responsiveness and integrity, characterised by outstanding levels of service, has cemented long term relationships with many of our clients.



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